DermaGRID Tutorial


  • How to log in to your DermaGRID account

  • How to run a scan

  • How to read a DermaGRID Report

DermaGRID Pro Report Tutorial


  • Using the Grid Analyzer

  • Accessing the completed report

  • Understanding the Pro Report content 

DermaGRID Pro Report Timeline


  • Use This Chart to Know When a Pro Report will be Received.

DermaGRID Product Line Change

  • Up to 2 Product Lines

  • Over 100 Companies Available

Update Credit Card

Click here to update your credit card information

DermaGRID Flyers
Click on thumbnails to see full image, then right-click selected image to download.

DermaGRID Flyer
DermaGRID Flyer

Eat Right

DermaGRID Flyer
DermaGRID Flyer


DermaGRID Flyer
DermaGRID Flyer

Skin Tales